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  2. Cheers for keeping the Starbucks kind citizen line going. Good work team.

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    Venice Romantic (by Nastasiya-k)

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    Foxes are weird. They’re like dogcats.

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  9. I am going through the most terrible experience in my entire life and it would have been nice to know you were there for me. Too bad you’re on your own side, or everyone else’s but mine. 

    I’d just as well be alone in all of this than with someone who would betray me when I needed them most.


  10. No.

    I will not give you the opportunity to hurt me like that again. I do a damn good job fucking up my own life without your help. I don’t need you to make things worse. If I want everyone to know my personal fuck ups I am more than capable of telling them myself. You did not tell them to help me, you did it to make yourself feel better temporarily. It’ is not gossip, it’s my life. Because you felt the need to tell overstep your boundaries, beat me to the punch, and tell my former friends, everything is significantly worse. It was not your place to tell ANYONE. I know I messed up so incredibly bad, but I don’t need you to help me make it worse and you should have known better than to tell anyone, or their friends, or whoever else you decided needed to know my most shameful and personal business. You picked a side, and I’m so sad that it was not mine. I have always had your best interests in mind and I wish you would have been there for me in my darkest hour.  But I know better now and believe me, you will never get the opportunity to drag my dirty laundry through the public again. I trusted you with everything terrible and messed up I was going through and I sincerely wish I hadn’t.

    There are two mistakes I will never make again, trusting my family is one of them. 

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